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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 2, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, protesters gather again in the streets of baltimore while inside the court house a judge makes big rulings for the officers charged in the death of freddie gray. the feds have a warning for dc workers while the pope is in town, stay home or get ready for one heck of a commute. first at 7:00, not a great day for the 6 police officers charged in freddie gray's deg. good evening, i am derek mcginty. today the judge in baltimore refused to throw out the charges but ruled they could be tried separately making prosecutor's jobs difficult. there was a small group of protesters to see what the judge would say and they are back tonight. garrett haake is in the thick of it. hopefully peaceful so far.
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>> reporter: completely peaceful, this crowd of about 25 demonstrator physical you want to take a look behind me, smaller than the hundreds and hundreds in april when the case was flairing up, they are representing a variety of groups. the folks here foosupport fred-- to support freddie gray's family got what they wanted in the courtroom, much fewer poep on the street. that was more of the main event, a few dozen demonstrators gathered outside to gather for conviction, the demonstrators marched through downtown dc and one arrest was reported. one officer injured slightly. organizers say their cause is partly about freddie gray and baltimore's larger problems. >> bigger than freddie gray. at the same time, we don't want no ruclusion from mosby,
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equality, want the cops fully penalized for what they did to freddie gray. >> reporter: tonight's protest appears to be a stationary variety, we will keep an eye throughout the evening. if we have updates you will find them first on the wusa 9 app. garrett haake. >> the judge is expected to decide whether or not to move the officer's trial out of baltimore. in washington dc, police are hoping a historic seizure of synthetic pot will cut the brutal surge of homicides. metropolitan police and agents gathered more than 19,000 packets of the chemical laced weed as toguys were delivering it to a warehouse, worth $2 and $4 and a half million. >> it will have a positive impact. >> police say synthetic pot contributed to horrible crimes in the city, for example, they
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believe the guy who stabbed and beat au grad kevin southerland to death on the 4th of july may have been high on the stuff. on the updated wusa 9 app you can read the charging documents for the men accused in that drug bust today. right now, in dc, police chief cathy lainier is meeting to talk what the district is doing to fight crime. they have seen the biggest jump in homicides since last year. she plans to listen to the ideas for tackling the violence. we had a few spotty storms and it is not done yet. topper shutt says keeps the umbrellas handa. >> especially friday, we had good storms earlier, but over the last hour, first alert doppler has nothing to the north of town, one big storm exited over toward the bay, went
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through baltimore. the big storms earlier, hour or so ago in frederick are gone. to the south this is really diminished around culpeper and looking at light showers. if it is green, it is light activity moving off the south and the east. looking at just a few showers for the next, say, hour. by 9:00 just few clouds, still muggy, 81 downtown, 74 gaithersburg and low to mid 70s everywhere. by 11:00, 79 downtown, 72 gaithersburg, 73 frederick, 74 in la plata. early morning taechs upper 60s-- temperatures upper 60s. a few thunderstorms tomorrow and still hot. but more thunderstorms and not as friday. that is the stormy day. some could be heavy. saturday returning mostly sunny and sunday and labor day look nice. >> thank you, top. a woman who terrified a young mother on the metro is
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charged with attempted abduction of her toddler. that woman tried to snatch the 2-year-old out of her stroller, as peggy fox tells us, why the woman did it is not the only mystery. >> the woman likely arraigned here at dc court tomorrow was charged late this afternoon under the name jane doe, because police don't know who she is. metro says she has not been cooperating since she was taken into custody. it was somewhere between the roselyn station and foggy bottom. possibly in the deep long tunnel under the potomac river. >> i was wondering why they stopped the trains. >> reporter: suddenly a frantic scene, a moment of terror for a mother with her 2-year-old baby girl. >> i probably would have snatched my baby away obviously. >> reporter: metro transit police say a woman tried to take the toddler out of her stroller. >> the other passengers already had their eye on this woman because she was acting strangely
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walking up and down the aisle, muttering to herself. she walks up and reaches down and grabs the child. that is when one passenger in particular jumped into action. >> mother very alarmed, obviously, a male passenger got involved to intervene and we had an officer on the inbound train who made the arrest. >> i think he is a hero. >> reporter: the woman did not resist being subdued by the passenger. she was taken into custody at the next station, foggy bottom. >> at dc court, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> thatoman was arrested as jane doe, police trying to figure who she is by using her finger prints to see if they match someone with a criminal record . in alexandrea, police waiting on autopsy results after a baby died. emergency crews responded to this apartment building 6:00 in the morning for an infant medical distress, the little boy passed away at a hospital. police are considering this a
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death investigation, until they learn how the child died. after a steady 14-hour man hunt, police scaled back the door to door search for the 3 men who murdered an officer yesterday in fox lake, illinois. they are pursuing leads and say tips keep arriving via phone and social media. the killers may no longer be in the-air juand there are no descriptions. lieutenant charles gliniewicz died after chasing them on foot. he planned to retire end of the month. senator barba mcalsky put president obama over the top. she will vote for thegreement and that makes 34 senators backing the plan, all democrats. 34 is the magic number for the white house. the president has enough votes to sustain a veto even if senate republicans shoot down the deal.
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that was the scene earlier today as the casket of former maryland governor marvin mandelwas brought to annapolis for the hall of the state house. the public viewing will go another 50 minutes until 8:00. he served as governor 1969-1975, credited with modernizing state government and passed away sunday, he was 95. the funeral takes place tomorrow in pikesville. today marks 70 years since the official end of world war ii. september 2, 1945, president harry s. truman and japanese leaders signed the official documents and truman declared it vj day.
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worst cars list, we share all the models with you a little later. a mcclan virginia man tries to meet up with a 17-year-old for sex. wait until you hear how and where he got caught. i will have a report coming up.
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a mcclan, virginia man is behind bar after caught soliciting a child for sex. what makes this even more disturbing is where they met up. >> reporter: i am andrea roane,
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he thought he picked a safe meeting place. that is ironically where police nabbed him. >> that is horrific. very bad. >> put him in jail. >> reporter: strong reaction to the arrest of 49-year-old ellenbobby of mcclan. he went online to solicit sex with a teenager. he and a 17-year-old boy agreed to meet in the parking lot of herndon elementary school. >> 17, my god, the parking lot of the elementary school. its the worst. >> reporter: that meeting place led to ellenbobby's arrest, not a police sting operation. officers were investigate agreport of trespassing on school property after hours. he faces charges of sitolicing a child of sex on computer. >> he is held at fairfax adult
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detention center without bond. a motorcyclist in serious condition tonight after police say he tried to avoid getting pulled over. munt gamry county investigators say the driver was involved in this 4-vehicle crash on park land drive. neighbors told us it is yet another reminder just how dangerous that intersection can be. >> always at least one accident every couple weeks it seems. >> i have been living here 40 years, i see this frequently. >> you have to be more conscious, you know, on speed. >> the motorcyclists went to the hospital in serious condition, a second person was transported. that one is expected to be okay. barack obama, president, commander in chief, and now travel guide and vidiographer. >> give you a little shot what we are looking at all across this incredible valley. >> like the funky shades, mr. president. that is one of the latest selfie videos the president has been posting during his trip to
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alaska. he gave a lot of attention to the melting of glaciers and need to combat climate change by reducing green house gases. nice camera work, mr. president. >> very nicely done, actually. pollen, wow, did we get hammered with pollen. pick a pollen, your poison, high rafg, grasses, weeds, mold. remember that is on our weather app every day, brand new, check out the wusa 9 app. the pope is making his way to the district. whether you are driving or walking or own a near-by business, this will effect you. business, this will effect you. i am debra alfarone
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the count down is on, the pope francis's visit to the nation's capitol, security, tight. traffic, horrific. >> reporter: i am debra alfarone in northwest dc talking about the pope's upcoming visit. >> if there is a opportunity to see him, that would be great. i think he has done a great job. >> reporter: the fact is, you may likely be caught in a crowd or traffic jam during the 3-day visit september 22-24th. >> it will be for 3 days? >> reporter: yeah. >> good night. >> you ain't getting 5 feet without trafing, and police.
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it is not even going to be pretty. >> reporter: traffic will be so bad federal workers are being told they can telework. he will also see the white house and st. matthew's cathedral. >> i understand there will be traffic restrictions and there will be changes, but, i mean, look, we live in the capital. >> it will make my day rougher than it already is. >> i would wake up for the pope. >> reporter: the metro are finalizing plans but adding near-rush hour service throughout that entire trip. deba deborah, wusa 9. >> you can check out the pope's full schedule on our wusa 9 app available for apple and android devices. one spot is at the national shrine of immaculate conception september 23. he will hold a mass outside the building and a special alter he will use is almost ready. we stopped by to see how the painters are turning this wooden
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alter into one that looks like marble. meant to match the columns inside, and will become a permanent fixture after the pope rolls out. consumer reports is out with the list of the worst cars of 2015, and the crisisler 200-- chrysler 200, congratulations, worst among midsizes because it is under powered normally aspirated 4 cylinder engine not that fast. the rand recover sport's-- rand rover sport, and 200 turbo and 300 hybrid got low marks for a bumpy ride. airlines could decide whether or not you can use your phone during a flight, federal aviation advisory panel says using the phone on a flight is safe and secure; however, it will be up to the airlines to decide if passengers with actually make calls. u.s. regulators are weighing the issues.
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top and i have fun arguing but i think we can agree, no phones on airplanes. >> even if it were safe it would be annoying. >> high level. >> you don't want to go there. all the storms are pretty much over with now, in fact, i removed them from the forecast. a few will fire up tomorrow. best chance is friday. lets start with live look outside, sun back out. 87, relative humidity 51%, dew points upper 60s, not that comfortable but not that awful. winds west-northwest at 7. first alert doppler last hour. the last big storm holding together, moved through baltimore, across the bay, north of gibson island and annapolis, they have died out through culpeper and fredericksburg. generally quiet. earlier this afternoon we had big rains, out to the west of us along i-81 east side and southwest of front royal, almost
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3 inches of rain fell. there were warnings, we tweeted it out and on facebook earlier this afternoon for frederick county in virginia, everything is quiet now. muggy tonight, little patchy fog late, in fact, if you had a shower, you have a good chance of getting patchy fog. bus stop temperatures 68-80, perhaps isolated shower around 9:00, not a big deal, just muggy. and then hot again tomorrow with some thunderstorms, but more storms on friday and some of those could be heavy. cold front will sink down from the north and that will give us a much better chance of widespread activity. 10:00 tonight, maybe you want to walk the dogs, sparky, 75 leesburg, 72 gaithersburg, 73 buoy, 80 downtown. by morning, we are looking at temperatures, upper 60s low 70s, partly cloudy skies. by 9:00 we are 80 downtown, 76 manassas and 78 leesburg, there is the shower off shore in the bay. not a big chance of shower in
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the morning, best chance in the afternoon. by then, we are looking at 90 down, 90 in leesburg, 98 dathersburg, 90 fredericksburg, and by 6:00, scattered showers and storms, temperatures upper 80s to around 90, bulk of the shower activity tomorrow will be west of town. our best chance will be friday, as the cold front sags from the north to the south. by 9:30 tomorrow, night, low 80s. some 70s, maybe 78 leesburg and 78 or 77 in leesburg and frederick. another muggy night. on the day planner, 809:00, 86 by 11:00, some folks close to 90 by noon and 90 at 1:00, perhaps a shower as early as 1:00. best chance by far and away friday, 88. i think we will be okay for the turks game, burgundy and gold. saturday looks great. cold front should sink south,
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few lingering clouds. good shape. 85, setting the stage for a nice weekend, 6th nice in a row. mid 80s sunny. upper 80s labor day. maybe slight chance of shower. >> are we short on water? >> we had a very dry august. across the board, we are okay. >> sounds good. we
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other big cities on the east coast. >> you know the problem? >> there is no meatsa. >> that is our broadcast, see you at
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do you have those trepidations about aging? >>ure. >> here we are. >> cindy crawford blindsided breaking her silence and hitting back at this image. >> an apparent unretouched photo. >> was it stolen and doctored to make cindy look worse? >> cindy was very upset. she felt manipulated. >> then -- >> turning black. >> the super model suffer a seizure on tv? the fallout. also an "e.t." exclusive. >> look who's here? joy behar on her big return to the view. >> i worked in a mental hospital which prepared me to work there. >> how joan rivers talked her her into going back. >> do it while they still want you. >> rosie gave it a second shot and it didn't didn't work. does it scare you? >> and does rosie have a new romance with tatum o'neal? plus, we're with the new dancing crew.


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